A Protest Song By

Inspired by the life of & talks with


Somewhere in the future, out in the woods, near a lake, Lived a woman her life…

Scene #1

EXT: out side country house and in nature, Day.

Fading up:

A little country house is appearing, Suzana the lead character walks in her bikini out of the main door and into the bane, She is caring a bucket.

Cut to:

The back of the country house, Suzana is coming out of the bane together with some animals still caring the bucket.

Cut to:

Suzana walks out of fence and over to the vegetable bed. She sits down on her knees. Starting to dick up patatos and other vegetables for dinner. Montage of Suzana moving round the bed.

Cut to:

Suzana finishing working in the bed and put the bucket a side. She walks around and starts smelling some flowers, showing she really loves the flowers. She walks further in to the woods. Montage of Suzana walking in the woods and out of the woods down to a lake. Where she kneels down and wash her feet and hands and arms. She puts some water in her head also.
Suzana rises her self and walks away from the lake and out to a road, where she walks in her bare feet on the asphalt road. She jumps aside the road and out to a weed field. She walks through the weed field, letting her hands caressing the top of the weed. Close Up: Of both hands caressing the weed. A shoot from behind Suzana as walks away from the camera out to the field.

Cut to:

Suzana again shoot from behind as she walks away from the camera and into a little hole in the ground laying on the side of the hole on the grass, first she is relaxing. Then she begins to touch her self, putting her hands on her bikini bottom and then rolls on her frontside and begins to move her bottom up and down. Face turned away from camera. Close up: Suzana relaxes in an orgasme.

Fade to:

Scene #2

INT: Inside country house, evening.

A radio on a table is turned on. While the radio is on and a radio host is speaking. Suzana sits down in a sofa beside the radio, with a plate of salat and starts reading a book, while she eat the salat. – all this in the light of candles.

Radio Host:

These anti social elements, who live in the outskirts of the state. They worship the freedom of the individual. They are egoists that dont contribute to society. They are self-contained and dont need to work to earn money. They have turned there back to society and undermines our society, which greats problems for the law obedient and good people that contribute to society. They can see there society being destroyed.

Its that kind of unhealthy bad thought decease, that should be stopped for spreding. Those abnormalities of the human race. Are Asocial individuals. They use an anti social culture to communicate there ideers and thoughts. These bad degenerating elements of an underground culture must be stopped. The norms and values of this deviant culture are different of the this of our beloved state and society.

Today there has again been added more litteratur , film and music to the list of illegal art and culture. Tomorrow they will be an burning of books, films and music at the city square. Citizens of the society are invited to join the burning and to sing the national song and after that to exclaim in 3 time hurra.

The authority has been allowed to use new metodes and more freedom to seek out and crack down on those abnormal people. Those social deviant elements need help to be guided back to a life in society and be trustful to the state. The anti social elements are sad and depressed and they need the help from the state to be put back on the rightful track of our society.

One of the new metodes that has been taken into use to battle those thoughts of the anti social is an mind bending machine. Machines that distorts there minds and indoctrinated them with values of society and a happy, good life. They will be an satisfied citizen and contribute to society in all important areas.

Fade to:

The radio is silent and Suzana is lying on the couch sleeping with an blanket over her. candle light are burning.

Scene #3

EXT: Barn, day.

Text: Some days later.

Suzana are feeding the animals. She sits down and talks to the sheeps. Suzana walk in the garden and looks at the apple trees, to see how the apples are coming. She pluck an apple and takes a bite.

Cut To:

Two alcohol bottles, a vine and a snaps bottle is making noise as they are been carried in a basket. that also have some homemade cheer in it.

Cut to:

Close up: Rikke, an girlfriend of Suzana is holding up the bottles to show Suzana and smiles.

Its party time.

Full Screen picture of Suzana hocking Rikke in the beautiful garden.

Fade to:

Suzana and Rikke sitting at the campfire.


I bring you some of my own special recipe honey to swap for some batteries.


Okay. No problem

They both take sips of the alcohol bottles, They have one each.

Fade to:

Suzana and Rikke still sitting at the campfire, still drinking the alcohol. They have an philosophic conversation going on.


The society gives us only the freedom to work in paid slavery, The freedom to consume. The freedom to make an consumer family. They freedom to consume more. To benefit the the society and the state too achieve more power. So they can tell you what to do, how to work, what you should consume. So they can make money and have more power over you. So they can get you to follow them when they set the order.

Fade to:


The state want us intelligent, sensitive and miserable people to kill ourself. Because we are to clever for them.

Fade to:

Close Up:

Rikke pulls out a plastic bag of magic mushrooms.


Its enlightenment time…

Suzana and Rikke eat the mushrooms, they take one handful each in there mouth.

Fade to:

Its getting dark outside. in the light of the campfire Rilke is playing the bongo drums and Suzana are dancing and playing the tambourine in an slow rhythm.

Fade to:
Suzana and Rikke is laying beside the campfire on a blanket looking at the stars.

“Look the milkey way…or the road of slaves…as they say, do you think we came from one of those stars…?” -“And this is ursa major and ursa minor with the norden star that allways helped lost people to find their way back home….”     -” And look overhere lira constelation, they said that there is a planet with to suns…”
Fade to:

Rikke is sleeping on the blanket and Suzana is pulling a blanket over herself and Rikke. The two girls are laying in spoon and and silent comes. only the sound of the campfire is heard.

Fade to:

A picture of a sunrise.

Fade to:

Suzana are following Rilke out to the road. Suzana hands Rilke a bag of batteries. They both hug. And Rilke go on her way home. Suzana are staying at the road to watch Rikke go down the road. Rilke turn around and walking backwards and waving.

Rikke: (Shouting)

Bey, bey !

Suzana waves back.

Fade to black:

Scene #4:

Text: Serval days later…

Suzana is ticking out the weed in the vegetable bed. The sound of somebody knocking on the door. Cut to: A picture of the door somebody is knocking again. Suzana opens. 2 police officers is standing side by side our side the door.

Police officer #1:

You are arrested for showing behavioral difficulties and for an anti social lifestyle of anti authoritarian character that is subversive for our society.

We withdraw you personal freedom. We deprives you, your body emancipation. We withdraw all your personal belongings. Your garden and house will be destroyed and burned.

We have the power to use force if you don’t come voluntary.


I´m an pacifist I will come peacefully.

The police officer hands Suzana a white suit.

Police officer #1:

Put this on.

Suzana put on the suit. As she zip up the suit the film turns to black and white.

Suzana are put in chains around her legs and hands. She is followed into the police van. She is put to sit on her knees. The doors are closed and the car starts moving.

On the green screen behind Suzana shows how the police van moves from the country into the city. A montage of a wood driving by. Then some weed fields. Then small house. Then bigger buildings.Then some industrial area. For at the end to stop at the assimilation institute.

Text: Assimilation Institute.

Suzana in her chains are taken out of the van and into the building. They follow her down a prison cell corridor and are put into a cell.

Scene #5:

INT: Inside prison cell.

The prison cell is all white, no windows or pictures on the walls. Suzana sits down in the front on the left of the camera. Theres is silence for a moment . Then a head pop inside the frame in front of Suzana. Its another prisoner a woman in a white suit also. She looks nervous and afraid, she takes Suzana’s hand in her. She stutters.


I know the spirits are aliens from space. They speak to me in my thoughts. They are light creatures that want to help us, set us free and enlighten us, evolve us from Earth creatures to universal space creatures.

The evil aliens control the power elite and want to keep us powerless and in slavery for some reason I don’t know.

I have telepahtic connection to those who wants to help us. I know Im not loosing my mind. But the world is blind. Occupied and brainwashed by the media. Who tell them what to think, consume and talk about. The media select what topic is importten and thats all what the citizens talk and think about. There are blinded for any alternative knowledge. And believe that the media and the news controlled reality is the only one.

Im very afraid that they will sedate me and make me a drewling vegetable. They will kill my brain …

The sound of the cell door as it opens and a prison guard is stepping in the cell.
Prison Guard:

Numb. 3476 we are taking you to sedation institute.

The nervous prisoner stands up and let go of Suzana’s hands she walks behind in the cell and starts yelling .


NO ! NO ! .. Help me! help meee !!!

The prison guard go in the cell and with force drag the woman prisoner out, She still yells for help. The door close. Suzana sits alone.

Cut to black screen:

Text: Later .

Cut to:

INT: Prison Corridor,day.

Suzana is taken out of the cell and followed down the prison corridor.

Scene #6:

INT: Court room, day

A black background, the guard and Suzana steps in the picture. The guard stays behind her. The camera films for above.

Cut to:

A black background a judge is stepping in the picture on his pedestal. The camera films him from
below. The judge hammers his hammer..


We are gathered here today to convict citizen number: 746591.

According to law 4324 about civil disobedience we judge you for free thinking. For not following the norms of our society. For anti social behaviour and abnormal lifestyle, that is of danger to our democracy and undermineding the sovereignty of our state.

Your are judged for living a life of self-sufficient and not working and contributing to the economical structure af society. To not pay tax and consume.

Your anarchistic philosophical mind is to danger for society and to danger for yourself. You are taking in custody to not do harm to yourself.

You are born to life maintenance and are of property of the state.

You will be registred and giving an civil number.

The verdict is…

You are punished to a life inside society. You must be available to the state. You are judged to conformity and to contribute to society. You must participate in community awareness behaviour. you must marry a man, work, pay tax, consume and have children the will contribute to the further productivity of the society. You must embrace the norms of society. Your primary role will now be to contribute to society.

Citizen number: 746591 will now be heard, She have the right to defend herself.


I don´t owe my life, my time, my labour or my ovaries to society. I don´t want to be a slave of your system.


The citizen have been heard.

I sentence you hereby …

According to law 4324…

Number 1:To soul and mind breaking treatment.

Number 2:To mind distortive therapy.

The judge slams his hammer twice in the pedestal.
Cut to black screen:

Scene #7:

Suzana are sitting in the brainwashing machine with some light classes and headphones on. Some text is appearing on her forehead and a calm but commanding woman voice is being played over and over again. Saying the same things in a loop.

Text on forehead:










Woman voice in loop:

Everything for society
Nothing for myself
Submit to the state
Im nobody.

When the brainwashing machine stops we cut to: Suzana is wearing a white theater mask. She is assimilated and have no personality .

Cut to black screen:
Scene #8:

Suzana is being followed down an office corridor by a police officer. She is put in an office, a little white room with no window or pictures on the wall. Only a desk and an computer to work on. She sits down and starts working. The final shot is Suzana from behind sitting at the desk working. She is placed in the right side of the picture an don the white wall on the left side of the picture is writing THE END.

Cut to balck screen:

A raised fist i showing on an black background.

These words are written on on top of it…





The fist turns into a fuck finger and the end credits is rolling over ..