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(Concept, Vocal, Lyrics) Iver Kolbjørn
(Concept, Recording, Bass, Beat, Sounds) Danger-Bass aka. Danny Germansen
(Sound Engineer) Steffen Graumann

(Concept, Mourning, Vocal, Lyrics) Iver Kolbjørn
(Recording, Lyrics) Danny Germansen
(Sound Engineer) Steffen Graumann


Conspirators 2 Funk are:


Iver Kolbjørn:

Arrengement, Ideas, Vocal & Lyrics.


Danger-Bass aka. Danny Germansen:

Arrangement, Beats, Bass, Loops, Samples, Didgeridoo, Vocal, Lyrics, Graphic Artist, Video Concept Artist + Video Producer & Director.


Stef G. aka Steffen Graumann:

Sound Engineer, Photographer, Graphic Artist, Video Camera-Man & Video Post-Production.


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